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i'm the best that you'll never have

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August 23rd, 2005

01:13 pm

gotta love pimping out the olpness :)

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March 21st, 2005

06:04 pm
so yea, this thing is going to be friends only from now on. i just wish i knew a way to make all my old posts friends only without having to edit each one seperately. any suggestions???

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March 11th, 2005

01:16 am
ahhhhh, the rop deadline is this monday and i still haven't filled out any of my 5 applications yet, and i still have no clue what i am supposed to include on my cv. ahhhhhhh.

and i have my abnormal psych test in a week, that i haven't studied for yet, and i haven't even made a dent in the readings. i have my neuroscience paper due on the 21st, and i have only read 1 of my 10 journal articles. and i have to code this survey for sociology, and the vegetable that took the survery obviously didn't understand what skip to question 33 meant, and he ended up doing everything. so now, i am scared i will get marks deducted for coding it wrong, when really, it was this moron who can't follow a simple order. i haven't even looked at my research paper for sociology and i have no clue when that is due. and then sometime, i have to figure out when i am going to do my 3 cognitive lab reports and study for the test.

and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i am so stressed. *rips hair out*

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March 8th, 2005

10:57 pm
so much stuff to do. so little time. so stressed. :(

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March 4th, 2005

12:19 am
sooo, i got back my sociology midterm and i got 86% which is awesome because i did not do so well on the first couple of tests. i got 86% on my cognitive psycholgy midterm, which is kickass. got 69% on my behavioural neuroscience midterm, but i guess that is pretty good considering i studied during reading week while i was sick and was not prepared at all. got 76% on my abnormal psychology midterm, which, again, is good becuase i wasn't very prepared for it. hmm, maybe if i was prepared for tests and exams, i would do better. there's an idea. oh well, i'm still happy with the marks.

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March 3rd, 2005

12:27 am
i want something good to die for. to make it beautiful to live.Collapse )

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March 2nd, 2005

11:32 pm
so, i just found out tonight that this 16 year old guy that i work with is insanely head over heels in love with me. and i totally think of him as just a friend. work matt told me that i have to stop leading him on, but i'm not. at least i don't think i am. and supposedly, he keeps talking about "us" with people from work. oh man, it is gonna be so awkward on friday when i have to work with him. now everyone is calling him my boyfriend and it is making me incredibly uncomfortable. sigh.

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February 27th, 2005

12:10 am
so, i've been seeing this guy for less than 2 months and he has already sent me flowers on 3 seperate occassions. obesessed much?

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February 26th, 2005

11:45 pm
and again, i'm still sick. i think it might be another sinus infection. i probably have to go to the doctor again next week. boo. :(

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February 24th, 2005

10:38 pm
so yeah, i'm still sick. :(

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