lori (got_to_get_away) wrote,

ahhhhh, the rop deadline is this monday and i still haven't filled out any of my 5 applications yet, and i still have no clue what i am supposed to include on my cv. ahhhhhhh.

and i have my abnormal psych test in a week, that i haven't studied for yet, and i haven't even made a dent in the readings. i have my neuroscience paper due on the 21st, and i have only read 1 of my 10 journal articles. and i have to code this survey for sociology, and the vegetable that took the survery obviously didn't understand what skip to question 33 meant, and he ended up doing everything. so now, i am scared i will get marks deducted for coding it wrong, when really, it was this moron who can't follow a simple order. i haven't even looked at my research paper for sociology and i have no clue when that is due. and then sometime, i have to figure out when i am going to do my 3 cognitive lab reports and study for the test.

and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i am so stressed. *rips hair out*
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